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A Bee-utiful morning with the Adnams Bees

By Abby Maynard, also posted in News on

Adnams honey bees at hive entranceDown in a sunny, sheltered corner of Adnams Distribution Centre in Reydon are nestled two hives of honey bees now fully settled after being rehomed there in May. On Tuesday morning, 5th August, the Environmental team eagerly accompanied Adnams' beekeeper Steve Barrett on his weekly check of the hives. Both hives were seen to be doing well with honey frames quickly filling and worker bees tentatively starting to explore the 32 glass jars intended to collect honeycomb by the end of the summer. The highlight of the morning was catching a glimpse of the one of the Queens making her rounds through the brood chamber. Steve leapt into action with a green marker pen and placed a dot on her thorax (back) in order to classify her as a 2014 Queen and to make it easier to spot her in the future. Beekeeper Steve Barrett with frameThe Queen is the most important member in the hive as she lays all of the eggs for the colony. Due to the short lifespan of a summer honey bee (normally around 6 weeks) we can now say with pride that all of the honey bees seen flying around the distribution centre are born and bred Adnams bees! Through Adnams offering these valuable insects a safe haven and Steve’s efforts to keep the hives happy and healthy, we can facilitate the pollination of local crops and flowers as well as producing local honey for late summertime treats! Our efforts even made it into a national newspaper this week. Steve is always more than happy to share his knowledge of beekeeping, so if you would like to meet an Adnams Queen (albeit not HRH) please send him an email or tweet @Shedstoker.    


Abby Maynard