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Adnams archive project begins

By Liz, also posted in News on

Adnams Archivist Patsy DallasPatsy Dallas, a professional archivist, has joined Adnams to record and organise the huge amount of items and documents that have been collected since the Adnams Brewery was founded in 1872 (and some from before then, too). Patsy has spent her first few weeks in a variety of locations around Southwold finding items ranging from deeds of long-closed pubs, bottles of beer (still sealed) and even some vintage bicycles. All the items will be catalogued, photographed and safely stored. A lot of the materials reveal social history as well as that of the Adnams brewery; one of Patsy's favourite finds so far are documents relating to the Fox and Goose in Fressingfield when the pub was owned by the local church – it was built as a resting place for pilgrims in the middle ages. We are fortunate that in the past a lot of items have been carefully kept and we will make sure we are doing the same in the future. Archive materials have already inspired the design of the Jack Brand beer range and will be used in the redesign of The Swan Hotel in Southwold in 2017. Brewery and distillery tour visitors can see a selection of items from Adnams' history on display at the start of their tour which can be booked here. Patsy's project will take a number of weeks and we will share some of the most interesting items as we find them.