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Adnams Beaujolais is here!

By Alastair Marshall, also posted in News on

Adnams BeaujolaisIn the far southern reaches of Beaujolais, so far south that it is classified as a part of the Rhône, sits the picturesque hilltop village of Ternand. This medieval cluster of a church and honey-coloured buildings is perched on the brow of a hill looking down the valley, with its back to a range of hills crowned with a dark pine forest. Between the town and the woods, spread out in a grand amphitheatre, are the vineyards of the Perrin family of Domaine de Milhomme. (Milhomme refers to the thousand Gauls that died there in a pitch battle with the all-conquering Roman legions). We have worked with Bernard and Blandine Perrin for many years and their unfailing dedication to making wines of a simple, correct quality have kept us coming back year after year. Not surprisingly, when we decided that it was time for an Adnams-own Beaujolais, the Perrin family was the first, and as it turns out the last, port of call. We described the type of wine we wanted for our own label, and Bernard, possibly used to the demands of Adnams over the years, made exactly what we wanted. Bernard and Blandine PerrinOur label celebrates one of Bernard's other passions; he is an enthusiastic trombonist in the local jazz band. On our next visit, hopefully sat around the kitchen table eating Blandine's exquisite chicken legs, shallots, garlic and herbs slow roasted in more white Beaujolais than is sensible, I will challenge him to perform the 'Flight of the Bumblebee' on his instrument - most likely he will have a go and probably do it well!" Adnams Beaujolais is available in our stores and online at £8.99 per bottle (don't forget you save 10% when you buy a case of 12). You can read an interview with Bernard Perrin and find out more about his musical passions in a previous blog post.  


Alastair Marshall