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Adnams Explorer - Revitalising an Unsung Hero!

By Victoria Savory, also posted in News on

Adnams ExplorerAdnams Explorer has been part of the permanent Adnams beer range since 2004, sitting alongside Southwold Bitter and Broadside. Explorer was the result of Head Brewer Fergus's trips to the United States. Fergus was inspired to create a blonde beer using two American hops that are grown in the Yakima Valley in Washington. These hops, called Columbus and Chinook, add wonderful grapefruit flavours to the beer.  Explorer is light and refreshing, suffused with the aromas of a grapefruit grove. The citrus attack bursts onto the palate as the hops deliver a fruity bitterness. Since Explorer’s creation, we’ve seen the US craft beer market far surpass the UK micro-brewing industry in terms of innovation, challenging traditional brewing parameters where ingredients, processes, naming and designs are concerned.  The nature of the beers tend to be blonde/pale ale, aromatic and heavily hopped. We know that our ‘American Blonde’, Explorer is loved by many, and we believe it could really capture the imagination of today’s beer-lover if it was better designed to reflect its light and refreshing taste profile and its American-inspired, East Coast style. We’ve undertaken a project to redesign Adnams Explorer with a fresh look and feel to reflect its great taste profile and its East Coast style.  Rest assured we’ve kept the recipe the same! The new design As with all our beers, we’ve tried to create an icon for this beer – the compass - which harks back to the story of this product and its American-inspired recipe.  We’re reflecting the 'Southwoldiness' in the washed wood background reflecting our beautiful beach huts, and we’ve picked out ‘East Coast’ as a indicator of our sense of place as well as the inspirational brewers over the water.  We’re putting Explorer on the map again! The new pump clips will coming into a pub near you over the next two weeks, with the new-design bottles filtering through from late May/ early June.  The old clips will be available on ebay shortly (watch this space, we'll tell you more, soon!)


Victoria Savory