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Adnams 'Most Haunted'

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

Strange noises in the night, objects moving seemingly of their own accord, ghostly appearances, and that curiously cold spot in the room. We all love a good ghost story, whether you believe in 'other worldly' goings-on or not. There's been beer brewed on the same site here in Southwold for over 650 years, so it's not surprising that Adnams has a few ghost stories of its own. Our Ghostly Pale Ale, Ghost Ship, takes its name from the legends of ghostly ships and apparitions that haunt the Suffolk Coast. Some of our Adnams pubs have long histories which means there's been plenty of time for stories to be exchanged and embellished over a pint or two at the bar. The Bell at Walberswick is associated with many tales of ghostly apparitions, perhaps because it was once a favourite haunt of smugglers trying to scare people away from witnessing their illicit activities. The current landlord of this ancient pub, Nick Attfield, has a facsimile of 'The Haunting of The Bell Hotel, Walberswick', written by Guy Lyon Playfair, some extracts of which are below: "The haunting of Walberswick, at the mouth of the Blyth Estuary, has been documented at least since 1577, when a pamphlet warned the faithful of 'the Devil incarnate in the form of a Black Dog' that was liable to turn up in the area". The text continues, "This is not all the present locals have to worry about. Invisible horses gallop across the Common in broad daylight, and apparitions have been seen all over the place: on the Common, the Green, in the Church, on the ferry to Southwold and in a local farmhouse." Mr Guy Lyon Playfair writes of the famous ghostly sighting by George Orwell, and ends with this reassuring statement: "Walberswick is undoubtedly a place for the connoisseurs of hauntings but is not for those with weak hearts." Oooooo. You can read the complete facsimile here as a downloadable pdf. Another of Adnams' haunted pubs is The World's End at Mulbarton, south west of Norwich. This ancient building dates back to the 1600s, and was a renowned coaching inn for many years. What has not been recorded, however, is the date that the resident ghost, Lavina, began her haunting. The World's End, MulbartonA long time ago, Lavina was employed at the inn as a barmaid. It is said that she repeatedly refused the advances made on her by a strange man. The story goes that the man was enraged by her persistent refusals and returned late at night to brutally murder her where she slept in an upstairs room. The room was sealed off, and no-one dared enter. Around 25 years ago, the pub was renovated, and the builders entered the sealed room where they found the bed still stood. It is said that they couldn't be in the room for long, they said it left them feeling extremely cold and strange and 'just not right'. They boarded the entrance back up, and today the only access is through a small ceiling hatch. The current landlords report that all is quiet and Lavina appears to be at peace, but an old boy in the village tells of past rages, where ashtrays were flung across the room, and pictures would mysteriously be thrown off the walls. Other haunted Adnams pubs include The Anchor at Walberswick (poltergeist activity), The Queen's Head at Blyford (cracking sounds and footsteps) and The White Hart, Blythburgh (lights turning on, cold spot/apparitions in cellar). Do you know of any good pub ghost stories? Share your spooky tales with us in the comments box below. We've had a few come in from Twitter: @therealdsayers: "@Adnams lambs green inn, dorset. Has a girl who throws cutlery and menus around" @hugoholt21: "@Adnams I grew up in a Norfolk pub and saw OUR ghost twice. Very frightening at first but then strangely calm. Unthreatening." "@Adnams the Queens Head Long Stratton. Circa 1975. Left there when I was 10." @Amirtrifle: "@Adnams, I used to own a pub in Lincolnshire, I regularly saw one of them, and on one of my first nights there my fruits home was possessed… the hare and hounds, Haconby, Lincolnshire" ('Fruits home'? Is this a textonym for something else, or a very smart abode for apples? Let us know @Amirtrifle!) @guineapig66: "@Adnams ask Robin the landlord of The Swan in Harleston, in Norfolk. His is a much-haunted pub (end of my road, lucky me!)… not as such but there's a cold spot in the restaurant." @RingwoodBrewery @Adnams We know a pub that's haunted! The Boot, in Weymouth Weymouth's oldest and most haunted pub (Read their blog to find out more about their many ghosts!)


Sarah Groves