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Adnams recommended serves

By Jazelle, also posted in News on

Fancy making some of the world's best spirits* even more tasty? For all of these delicious serve suggestions, pour a measure of Copper House Dry Gin or Long Shore Triple Malt Vodka into a tumbler, add lots of ice and top up with Adnams Tonic.   Summer Garnish: strawberries and mint Method: Slice a strawberry up lengthways and place into glass. Pick fresh mint leaves and add to the edge of the glass for a refreshingly fruity and minty drink.               Autumn Garnish: raspberries and pears Method: Cut thin slices of pear and drop whole raspberries into your glass as a colourful and tasty garnish.               Dark Extras plus garnish: blackcurrant jam, blackberries and rosemary Method: Add some blackcurrant jam to the bottom of your glass and break it up a little with a spoon. Add your measure of gin or vodka, ice and tonic, then add your blackberries (whole) and a fresh sprig of rosemary.               Spice Extras plus garnish: cherries and angostura bitters Method: Create your G&T (or V&T) as normal, then add a dash of angostura bitters - stir with a cocktail stirrer then half some dark cherries, discarding the stones, before adding the fruit.               Spring Extras plus garnish: cucumber and elderflower cordial Method: Create your G&T (or V&T) as normal and add a splash of elderflower cordial. Gently stir, then use a potato peeler to remove a thin sliver of cucumber which you can wrap around the inside of the glass.               Citrus Garnish: lemon, lime and orange Method: Cut a half wheel of thinly sliced lemon, lime and orange for a colourful and citrus-filled garnish.               Winter Extras plus garnish: Marmalade and basil Method: Before you pour in any drink, add a spoonful of marmalade to your glass and break it up a little with a spoon. Add your gin/vodka, ice and top up with Adnams tonic. Then add a fan of aromatic basil leaves for a herbal, orange-filled treat.               *IWSC Gin Trophy winner 2013 and IWSC The Vodka Trophy and Gold Outstanding Vodka winner   Order your main ingredients: Buy Copper House Dry Gin Adnams Copper House Dry Gin             Buy Long Shore Triple Malt Vodka             Buy Adnams Tonic Water