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Adnams Seasonal Beer American-style IPA is out now!

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

Adnams American Style IPAWe've gone all stateside and brewed this year's batch of American-style IPA. Available in cask in selected outlets, it's made with citrusy American hops and is a real pick-me-up while our weather is at its Great British greyest. Fergus, our Head Brewer, explains: “America might have started out replicating beer styles from the rest of the world but they have moved far beyond that and now their beer styles are influencing the rest of the world. I think their take on the original English India Pale Ale is the most successful. It may be slightly odd to recreate a version of a style that was originally exported from these shores, but I love the smell of hops and an American IPA is a showcase for citrus hops. They are big, bold, some might say brash, but, to my mind at least, beautiful.” You can read more about Adnams American-style IPA here.

Coming soon…

Adnams Oyster Stout 4.3% ABV We always release our Oyster Stout in February - the month when oysters are in season and oyster sales peak as romantic souls seek to discover whether these gooey shellfish really are the aphrodisiac the restaurants promise. Valentines' Day aside, we're always in love with Adnams Oyster and are looking forward to the return of this nutty, classic dry stout.


Adnams Kristal White Ale pump clipIn late February we're brewing a new beer - Adnams Kristal White Ale (4.2% abv) -  a non-hazy, cask, wheat beer. We'll tell you more about it soon!


Sarah Groves