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Adnams Sole Star 0.9% abv

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

Adnams Sole Star at The Sole Bay InnAdnams Sole Star is now brewed at 0.9% abv - it was first brewed at 2.7% as a lower alcohol style. Lowering the alcohol percentage further means that Sole Star is even more accessible to customers who'd like to reduce their alcohol consumption and also enjoy the taste of a flavoursome beer.

Tasting notes and ingredients

A great tasting pale amber beer, with a light floral/citrus aroma, gentle caramel notes and a good level of bitterness. Brewed with Pale Ale, Crystal, Black and Munich malts which are toasted to add more flavour. Fergus and the brewing team have used Chinook and Cascade hops to add bitterness to balance out the sweetness. They've selected malts that are lower in starch, reduced the amount of yeast in the brew and also fermented at a lower temperature in order to keep all the great flavours of Sole Star and to minimise the alcohol content. You can buy Adnams Sole Star Low Alcohol Pale Amber Ale here.

What’s the Story?

Sole Star is named after the brightest star in the sky (the sun!) which rises first over the East Coast and the Adnams Sole Bay Brewery each morning.

A bit of history:

In August 2011, our Head Brewer Fergus posed the question ‘Would you drink a 2.8% abv beer’ on our website. From over 50 comments, the majority of you said yes, you would be happy to drink such a beer. So Fergus created Sole Star, a full-flavoured yet lower abv style. At this abv, it was ideal as a lunchtime pint for the responsible drinker. However, by the end of 2016, we began working on a recipe and trialling fermentation methods to lower the alcohol content even further. Fergus explains how he selected the malts and hops to create Sole Star: “The Black Malt helps give a good depth of colour, and the Munich and Crystal Malts give the beer its depth and body as well as some toffee notes. The hops – Chinook and Cascade – were used as they are good bittering hops with attractive citrus characters yet are not too aggressive or harsh. The aim was to create a lower abv beer with all the taste and body of a standard strength ale." Sole Star is available in 500ml bottles online, in Adnams Stores and also in bottle at selected outlets. Each bottle contains 0.5 UK units.


Sarah Groves