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Adnams Summer Beach Clean 2014

By Benedict Orchard, also posted in News on

Last Saturday saw us hold one of our regular Southwold beach cleans – this time fittingly named the Adnams Summer Beach clean. However, there was a moment when I thought about renaming it the Adnams ‘English’ Summer Beach Clean as it looked set to rain! Much to mine (and 20 enthusiastic volunteers’) relief it turned out to be a gloriously hot and sunny day. Setting off from Gun Hill we walk the 1km stretch of beach up to the harbour picking up any litter along the way. These beach cleans are linked in to the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) and their constant work to enhance the quality of our country’s coasts. Adnams has supported the MCS beach cleans for 11 years. We record what we find on the first 100-meters of beach and send the findings to the MCS to feed into their national database. The beach was not too bad again, finding similar levels to the spring beach clean of around 250 items per 100m. This may sounds a lot but nearly 70% of this is tiny plastic pieces washed in from fishing and boating activities. These have less of a visual impact than public litter such as crisp packets and drinks cans, but pose severe threats to local ecology, so the clean is vitally important. Brazil flip-flop found on Southwold beachThere were the remnants of a few social gatherings in the form of food packaging and drinks bottles, but it was all relatively low volume as we are just entering the high season now. There were not many unusual items this time apart from a singular Brazilian flip flop, which may or may not have been accidentally left behind… I’ll say no more. As we move ever closer to the summer holidays, the busier Southwold and its beaches get, but hopefully we’ve done a little bit of sprucing up in preparation. The next beach clean will be the Adnams Big Beach Clean in line with MCS Great British Beach Clean where beaches across the country are cleaned in unison. Adnams will be organising and running this event on Saturday 20th September 2014, with further details to be announced shortly. If you would like to sign up for this clean or register your interest in our beach cleans in general, please send me an e-mail. A big thank you again to all those brilliant volunteers who helped us clean our stretch of beach, and I look forward to seeing lots of you on 20th September. You can view pictures of the summer beach clean here:


Benedict Orchard