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Adnams Summer Beach Clean 2018

By Jazelle, also posted in News on

Seeing as the British summer seems to have finally shown itself in Southwold, we’re all enjoying some well-earned rays, some sand between our toes and a paddle in the water. With this enjoyment, also comes a responsibility to keep our beaches as we would want to find them. So, as part of our regular beach clean programme, now 15 years old, we hosted another group of super volunteers to spruce up Southwold beach.

Thank you to the volunteers

We’d like to say a big “thank you” to the 48 adults and 13 children who came along, as well as their furry companions. We are very grateful for seeing so many volunteers; locals and not-so-locals, old and young, new comers and veterans, all helping us to protect our beaches and the accompanying marine wildlife. During this beach clean we collectively removed 32 sacks of litter!

What we found

80% of the litter we found was plastic. Half of that plastic was unrecognisable from its original state, as it was likely decades old. The rest of the litter comprised of lolly sticks and wrappers, cups and bottle lids and other unidentifiable items washed up on the shore. We also came across a few quirky finds, some of which make a regular appearance such as socks and flip flops. We also found a fisherman’s knife, a cutlery knife, a screwdriver and some loose oranges and carrots!

Collecting our data

Our beach cleans help provide data to Marine Conservation Society who hold statistics on beach litter levels across the UK. But sadly, beach litter is still a big issue across the country. Our most recent survey showed litter levels of around 4,000 pieces per km, which is on par with previous years and doesn’t showing any signs of reducing. As we grow ever more conscious about the materials we use in our daily lives, we can help reduce the amount of litter that enters our oceans.

To end a hard day’s work

As ever, we finished at The Harbour Inn for a celebratory pint and to reflect on the day. Adnams have been hosting beach cleans since 2003 and have conducted nearly 50 cleans in that time, that equates to around 2,000 volunteers removing over 1,000 sacks of rubbish weighing approximately 5 tonnes. That’s definitely worth a free pint on us!

How you can get involved

The next beach clean will be on Saturday 15th September and will be part of the Marine Conservation Societies Great British Beach Clean weekend. If you’re interested in signing up or simply registering your interest in future cleans, then email Thanks again to every volunteer – see you again soon! Read all the facts about our recent Beach Clean here or view all the snaps from the day via the Adnams Flickr.