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Adnams Tally-Ho 2014 - bottle conditioned

By Fergus Fitzgerald, also posted in News on

Tally-Ho 2014Some of you may have noticed that this year's 2014 bottled Tally-Ho is in our shops and online, you may also have noticed that this year's batch is bottled conditioned - this means there is a small amount of live yeast in the beer. This isn't the first time we've bottled conditioned Tally-Ho, indeed, the first batch of Tally-Ho was 'BC', however, after a microbial issue with a batch of a different beer we decided that as we don't bottle the beer here in Southwold, that maybe the intricacies and risks of bottle conditioning were a step too far. We reverted to removing all the yeast and pasteurising the beer, hence forth known as Tally 'AD', you know, as opposed to Tally BC. What's changed? Well, we now have a bottler who we trust to be able to control the risks of bottle conditioning. Tally-Ho has a special place in our brewing calendar, we want to make sure the final product can sit proudly alongside its predecessors. I think bottle conditioning will help Tally-Ho to mature more gracefully, although there is no requirement to do so. Enjoy. P.S. Nearer Christmas, you may notice something different about the Tally-Ho label, don't be frightened, it's the same beer, the rider is just using a more seasonally appropriate mode of transport.  


Fergus Fitzgerald