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Adnams vodka - how we make the world's best*

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

Adnams East Coast Vodka bottle shot, July 2015Adnams East Coast Single Malt Vodka has been awarded many times for its outstanding character and taste and we're very proud that Longshore Vodka was named the world's best in 2014*. Our Single Malt Vodka is a silky-smooth, pure vodka with a clean, natural sweetness and a subtle butterscotch note from the East Anglian barley it's made from and by Adnams' small-batch method of production.

How do we achieve this?

Adnams East Coast Single Malt Vodka is truly different because it's made from grain to glass first in the Adnams brewery and then in the distillery. The fields of East Anglia grow some of the best quality grains (barley, wheat and rye) which make Adnams beers, and which provide a superb base material to create characterful and distinctive Southwold-made spirits. Our Master Distiller, John McCarthy, distils an un-hopped beer (at around 6% abv) made from East Anglian barley to create a pure, clean vodka at over 96% in small-batch copper pot stills. As it is usually made in industrial quantities elsewhere, vodka is widely known for being tasteless, but that's certainly not the case with Adnams vodka due to our grain to glass approach and our small volume, hand-crafted method of production here in Southwold. The Gin Foundry explains more: "...Adnams are good examples of this (grain to glass) and whose vodka showcases both the underlying agricultural source and the quality of process they employ to make it." "Can you taste the difference between a wheat, barley or potato base, even when it's made on the type of apparatus and on the type of scale that we've all been led to believe through years of inherited teachings would strip all flavour out? Absolutely." For the full Gin Foundry article, click here. A portion of Adnams East Coast Single Malt Vodka is set aside and re-distilled with botanicals to create Adnams' award-winning Copper House Dry Gin. We're offering £5 off a bottle of East Coast Single Malt Vodka until midnight Sunday 18th Feb (£19.99, was £24.99). So, be quick and order today! *Adnams Longshore vodka was voted the world's best by the IWSC in 2014 Adnams from grain to glass  


Sarah Groves