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Adnams Whiskies awarded at this year's San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2014

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

Adnams Whiskies win medals at the 2014 San Francisco World Spirits CompetitionAfter three years (and a bit!) maturation in new oak casks, Adnams' two Southwold-made whiskies, Single Malt No1 (now sold out) and Triple Grain No2, were released in November 2013. We're delighted that both our limited edition whiskies received medals at this year's prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Awards: Silver for Triple Grain and Bronze for Single Malt No 1. Bronze medals were also awarded to Adnams Copper House Distilled Gin and Spirit of Broadside. The 2014 San Francisco World Spirits Competition received more entries than ever before with submissions from 64 countries appraised by a panel of 39 international judges. Distiller John McCarthyAdnams Distiller John McCarthy is incredibly pleased with the acclaim that our Triple Grain whisky has achieved and explains why: "Our Triple Grain Whisky is stylistically closer to American whiskies than it is to its Scottish cousins. This is in part due to its mix of malted grains - East Anglian barley, wheat and Scottish oats - but mostly due to the use of toasted new American oak casks in its maturation. Scottish, Canadian and Irish whiskies tend to be matured in previously used oak casks - usually either ex-bourbon or sherry casks. The oak is extremely important as it imparts the majority of the flavours and colour. Triple Grain's bold and intense dark chocolate, toast, pepper, sweet honey and orange peel notes can be attributed to the interaction between our pure, high-strength spirit and our choice of new American oak barrels. American oak tends to impart stronger aromas and flavours, particularly when it's charred and toasted, which has filled our whisky with its complexity. French oak imparts subtly different characteristics, it's more gentle, with soft, vanilla flavours which helps create a different style. It's a joy to be able to use different types of oak barrels, in combination with toasting, to produce the maturation characteristics we are looking for." You can read more about how John made the Triple Grain No 2 here. Just ten barrels of each of our whiskies were made when we first opened our Copper House Distillery in 2010. Availability of both our inaugural whiskies is therefore limited and our Single Malt has now sold out. However, Triple Grain No.2 is available to purchase online and in our Cellar & Kitchen Stores. The next release of Adnams whisky is currently maturing in cask; bottling will take place at the end of July for our Single Malt and later in the year for Triple Grain.

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Sarah Groves