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Adnams Wine Club Tasting notes – December 2016

By sarahhowe, also posted in News on

Wine Club Big bottleJoin The Adnams Wine Club and every three months you'll receive carefully chosen wines from all over the world delivered straight to your door. Our wine club is super simple – you choose how much you wish to spend (£89, £135 or £180) and if you want a case of red wine, white wine or a mix of the two for each quarter. You can change it every quarter if you wish - we're that flexible! A Wine Club subscription makes a great gift idea - call Dana, our Wine Club Administrator, on 01502 727222 to find out more. Sign up to our wine club here. Every three months Alastair Marshall, our Senior Wine Buyer, selects 12 bottles of wine, often from exciting new wine regions or small vineyards. Inside each case you'll find full tasting notes and food-matching suggestions. There’s also room to add your own notes too. All Wine Club members also receive 10% off any other purchases made online, in our Adnams Stores or via mail order when you call 01502 727222. This offer also includes 10% off stays at our Adnams Hotels!* If you’re already a subscriber, here is the introduction for the December Adnams Wine Club cases by Alastair. Underneath you can download his tasting notes for the red and white wines included in the three different price brackets available. With 2017 on the horizon, one can’t help but reflect on 2016 and what a full-bodied year it has been. We’ve brought a big and broad collection of 144 new wines to the Wine Club this year,a reassuring number from France, Iberia and Italy, 16 from Central Europe and 48 wines from the New World. We taste new wines on a weekly basis. They are chosen from samples sent to us in Southwold, from London tasting events and from our travels to vineyards across the world. We’re delighted to have seen the continued success of Central Europe, and the New World embrace regionalism and a flight from mono varietals. It’s now essential to know your BioBio from your Brede River, and the simple Chilean Merlot will soon find itself sharing shelf space with Cabernet/Cinsault/Shiraz blends in the pursuit of more complex flavours. Meanwhile we’ve also expanded our branded range this year in the pursuit of excellent wines. The ‘Great Grapes’ range showcases single variety wines at a fantastic price of £6.99 per bottle and punches well above its weight. You can see the full range here. We’ve also brought in some more wines that we fondly call the ‘Region’ wines, including some excellent Clarets, Burgundy, Chianti and Provence Rose from £8.99 to £12.99. To offer something a little exceptional, we’ve also brought in a couple of limited edition parcels from selected estates, which we adore. I’m proud to say that we have and we will continue to see choice and diversity flourish, and the emergence of a new breed of wine enthusiast prepared to push the boundaries. Have you tried Orange wine yet? This is ultra-traditional winemaking (a la Mesopotamian) where the wine looks a bit cloudy and a touch oxidised, and tastes of scrumpy. The minute I can find a decent one, I’ll share it with the club. From the stately vineyards of Bordeaux to the frontiers of Georgia, 2017 looks set to deliver more interesting wine for us to enjoy. We look forward to it. Alastair Marshall         Alastair Marshall Senior Wine Buyer   Download the £89 Tasting Notes (PDF, 910KB) Download the £135 Tasting Notes (PDF, 910KB) Download the £180 Tasting Notes (PDF, 912KB)