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Adnams Wine Club Tasting Notes - September 2015

By sarahhowe, also posted in News on

Adnams Wine ClubJoin The Adnams Wine Club and our Wine Buyer, Alastair Marshall, will serve you up an enticing range of wines perfect for the season and delivered straight to your door. Our wine club is completely flexible - you choose wether you want a case of red wine, white wine or a mix of the two for each quarterly case. You can also decide how much you want to spend with three tiers of pricing; £89, £135 and £180. Mix and match it however you please throughout the year. Sign up to our wine club here. Each quarter Alastair selects 12 bottles of wine, often from small vineyards or exciting new wine regions and well suited to the time of year. Each case comes complete with full tasting notes and food-matching suggestions included. There's also room to add your own tasting notes! And it’s not just great wines you’ll be treated to – you’ll also receive 10% off any other purchases made online, in our Adnams Stores or via mail order when you call 01502 727222. This offer also includes 10% off stays at our Adnams Hotels!* If you’re already a subscriber, here is the introduction for the September Adnams Wine Club cases by Senior Wine Buyer Alastair Marshall. Underneath you can download his tasting notes for the red and white wines included in the three different price brackets available. "Over the years we have all become very used to a bottle of wine being accompanied by its particular vintage, boldly displayed, proclaiming its birth and reassuring us of its authenticity. This is a habit that is unlikely to change in the near future, but there is an increasing incidence of bottles appearing 'sans vintage'. These bottles usually hale from the quirkier winemakers who are either making a ‘statement’ or are blending different vintages. Does that sound like heresy? Well it is, and has long been common practice within the EU that you are allowed to ‘back blend’ up to 10% of the previous year’s crop into your current creation. Admittedly this is a practice that is rarely used, especially amongst quality winemakers. It could be argued, however, that we are married to the concept of a vintage by habit. Wine is an agricultural product and therefore subject to the vagaries of the weather, but is there any such thing as a bad year nowadays, given the amazing leaps in the understanding of viticulture and vinification over the past 25 years? In my youth a bottle of cheap wine in a supermarket was ‘best laid down and avoided’ to quote the Pythons, but today even the cheapest wine is drinkable. Wine at this level is a commodity, and vintage an irrelevance. So, this rant is to say that should you run into a wine that is vintage-less, fear not, it is likely to be the fruit of one of our slightly barmier winemakers and more worthy of your attention for it. From time to time, I field calls asking whether a particular bottle in one of our Wine Club cases could be kept, and if so, for how long?  Generally speaking, the answer is that to whichever level you subscribe, all the wines are for current drinking, but I shall in future add a ‘drink by’ date, or similar pointer, if a bottle has the potential to age over a period longer than 12 months. Happy Tasting" Alastair Marshall Download the £89 Tasting Notes (PDF, 1.8MB) Download the £135 Tasting Notes (PDF, 1.7MB) Download the £180 Tasting Notes (PDF, 1.7MB)