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All the beer without most of the alcohol - exploring Ghost Ship 0.5

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

All Adnams' beers and spirits are proudly made from grain to glass. Starting in the fields of East Anglia, being there at every single step of the brewing and distilling process means that the best quality is maintained, always. Earlier this year, Adnams launched Ghost Ship 0.5, which at 0.5% abv is a refreshing option for everyone wishing to enjoy a beer almost free from alcohol. Adnams invested in a reverse osmosis plant which allows the team to brew Ghost Ship 4.5% and then take out most of the alcohol leaving the same amazing taste.

Why make a low alcohol beer?

It’s all about freedom of choice. Brewer Dan Gooderham has worked hard to find a way of creating a really good dealcoholised beer that’s balanced, aromatic and full of flavour. Alcohol provides a degree of mouthfeel and apparent sweetness, so Dan's challenge was to make a lower alcohol beer that tastes exactly like a beer should. Creating a low alcohol beer means that a pint can be enjoyed as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. It’s a great choice for designated drivers and for anyone wishing to cut down on their alcohol consumption whilst still enjoying a good beer. Sharing a beer socially is a great way to meet people, to exchange ideas and thoughts, and to build a strong, local community, so having the opportunity to do this almost alcohol-free is great.

Brewer Dan Gooderham explains how Ghost Ship 0.5 is made “ To make Ghost Ship 0.5, we first brew a version of Ghost Ship 4.5% using East Anglian barley, locally-grown rye crystal malt and cara malts. We dry-hop with citra, chinook and cascade to create those bright, citrus aromas and flavours, and ferment as we would normally. The beer is then sent across to our new reverse osmosis plant, where under pressure water and ethanol travel across membranes. The driver for the process is the concentration gradient of ethanol across the membranes. We add lots of water to carry the ethanol away leaving a concentrated Ghost Ship minus the alcohol. We then blend back some fresh water and carbon dioxide to create Ghost Ship 0.5. It’s a simple process really, it’s just quite complicated when you look at the technology involved.”

Where you can find Ghost Ship 0.5%

Ghost Ship 0.5% is available online, in Adnams stores and in Tesco outlets nationwide in 500ml bottles, and is also available in kegs in Adnams Managed Properties and in selected pubs and bars. Suitable for vegans. Watch our animation her:

Watch brewers Dan and Fergus chat about the beer here.  


Sarah Groves