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Are you ready for Stir-Up Sunday?

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

Yes, it's easy to buy a pudding these days (we've created a very tasty pud which you can taste in our stores), but it's loads more fun making your own, especially when you can add a healthy splash of Broadside to it. Fancy giving it a go this Sunday?

Here's what you'll need to make two puddings:

460 gm raisins 100 gm currants 150 gm sultanas 100 gm chopped glacé cherries 30 gm flaked almonds 100 ml Broadside beer 100 ml Spirit of Broadside 2 oranges 2 lemons Juice of one orange Juice of one lemon 100 gm suet 60 gm breadcrumbs 100 gm plain flour 180 gm soft brown sugar 4 gm mixed spice 2 gm nutmeg 2 gm cinnamon 2 gm clove 10gm salt 4 eggs

How to make your own Broadside Christmas Pudding

1. First, grab a large bowl and add the dried fruit and almonds. Then add the lemon and orange zests plus juices and the Broadside Beer and Spirit of Broadside. Stir well then leave this to soak overnight at room temperature. 2. The next day, beat the eggs with the salt and mix them into your soaked fruit and nuts. 3. Gently fold all the other ingredients into your bowl by hand until evenly mixed. Don't be tempted to use a mixing machine as this will overwork the ingredients and leave you with a heavy pudding. It's traditional to let each member of the family take turns at having a stir, and make a wish! 4. Next, line your pudding basins with greaseproof paper, fill with your mixture and top with greaseproof. Make your pudding bowl watertight by adding a secure lid of foil. 5. You can either cook your pudding in a steamer, or a simmering pot of water with a lid for around 5 hours. The puddings will take on a darker colour as they cook. When they are cooked, remove from heat and leave to go cold. Do not remove from your basin or pudding mould. Store your pudding for around a month to let the flavours mature. 6. When you're ready (Christmas day!), re-heat your pudding in a steamer or a simmering pot of water for around one to one and a half hours. Good luck!


Sarah Groves