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Bodebrown Brazilian Pale Ale - new beer exclusively available at JD Wetherspon pubs

By Fergus Fitzgerald, also posted in News on

Bodebrown Cerveja Curitiba Brazilian Pale AleWe forget sometimes about the diversity of breweries we have at home but the rest of the world is catching up fast and the number of new breweries opening up in Brazil is amazing. Samuel and Paulo from Bodebrown run a brewery and brewing school in Curitiba just down the coast from São Paulo. They’ve won many medals at the South American Beer Cup and in May they came to Southwold to brew a beer exclusively for JD Wetherspoon pubs. Samuel wanted to brew a American-inspired pale ale. We used Centennial, Eldorado and Amarillo hops which give the beer citrus, orange blossom and watermelon notes, but we also wanted to add a little touch of Brazil, so we added some Brazilian pink peppercorns to the brew to add a slight peppery juniper-berry note. Fergus, Samuel, Belinda, Paulo and their friend from Paraguay on Southwold beachThe guys brought lots of presents over, including the most important which was some of their beer. I really enjoyed a beer they brewed with Stone which was a cocoa infused IPA - it was delicious although my taste buds did need to reconcile themselves with this pale gold beer tasting of chocolate. The guys were great company and they brought along a friend of theirs from Paraguay to act as translator, although their English was fine. Anyway, I think we proved over the course of the few days that a couple of beers make us all better translators, and if all else fails as long as you can mime ‘chicken’ you’ll never go hungry. [caption id="attachment_14735" align="alignleft" width="240"]Fergus and Samuel Fergus and Samuel[/caption] We’ve been invited to Brazil to brew a beer and take a trip on the beer train, which is a beer tasting event organised by Bodebrown on board a train from Curitiba to Morretes which takes you through some spectacular scenery. My list of places that I really want to visit is growing, but this is certainly near the top of that list. Saúde You can find Bodebrown Cerveja Curitiba Brazilian Pale Ale in JD Wetherspoon pubs throughout the month of June / early July while stocks last. View images of Bodebrown at Adnams, including a 'spectacular' kick-about on Southwold beach as a warm up to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil on Flickr! Kick-about with Bodebrown Brewery on Southwold beach    


Fergus Fitzgerald