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Brewicians on the rise

By Fergus Fitzgerald, also posted in News on

Adnams Brewer Fergus Fitzgerald2013 was the year of the Musician/Brewer collaboration with Iron Maiden and Madness releasing beers. Unfortunately, or perhaps not, these collaborations only seem to work one way, the brewers at Robinsons didn’t get to pen the lyrics to a Iron Maiden song and no one from the Growler brewery got to play sax at a Madness gig. Last year also saw Reverend and the Makers brewing with Thornbridge, and Mumford and Sons brewing with Harveys. This year we have Maximo Park and Super Furry Animals adding their names to that growing list of what shall now be known as Brewicians, or Musewers, I haven’t decided yet. Not to be left out, last year we also brewed a music-inspired beer, our Native Britten beer, for the composer Benjamin Britten. Although, granted, ours was a little different in that as Mr Britten wasn’t heavily involved in the recipe or brewing the beer (being deceased for 36 years doesn’t lend itself easily to a collaboration brew). So if you want to nit-pick then perhaps it doesn’t quite fall into the same category. If that’s the case then before this trend gets too far I’d like to call dibs on Radiohead. It’s a little known fact that I discovered Radiohead. Or at least I bought their first album ‘Pablo Honey’ before anyone one I knew had heard of them, and then I played it constantly to a group of friends one summer while we were ‘employed’ to paint the local community centre. They, in turn, retaliated by playing The Prodigy at me. It was a tough summer. When you ‘discover’ a band early on, I think you form a lifelong connection with their music. No matter what happens, whatever ‘experimental’ work they might release, you still have an unflinching affection for them. Radiohead could release an album of whistling and belly slapping and I’d think it was profound and moving. I think something similar happens when you ‘discover’ a new brewery. When you find a brewery no one else has heard of making great beer, they become your brewery. So, should Radiohead decide to drop over what should we brew? Well, not that I’ve given it any thought… but we could do ‘High and Dry’; a champagne style, Belgian sparking beer, 12% abv with a bone-dry finish. Or how about ‘Pablo Honey’; a low abv honey beer, Pablo meaning small or humble. So now that’s all sorted I just have to sit back and wait for Thom and the guys to call, that’s how this works… right?  


Fergus Fitzgerald