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Calling all Broadside fans... Both Barrels is here!

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

Adnams Both Barrels oak aged BroadsideIt's Broadside, but not as you know it! Both Barrels is Broadside that's been aged in bourbon barrels alongside some cherries. This limited edition beer is a taste explosion of vanilla oak, dried fruit, cherries, whisky and a touch of rhubarb.

What's the story?

Both Barrels started life as a single barrel's worth back in 2010 when we first opened our distillery. As we'd bought a mix of barrels for maturing our spirits, it began as a bit of a fun experiment. Fergus and the team added some bottling strength Broadside along with some cherries to a bourbon barrel and left it to mature for a year. The team drew off a few litres here and there to take to some beer festivals during the year, but always topped it back up with fresh Broadside - effectively creating a mini 'solera system'. Then, two years ago, the team emptied the barrel and spread its contents between twelve other ex-bourbon barrels and again topped them all up with fresh Broadside and cherries. So, a small part of your beer will be six years old! Limited in edition, Both Barrels Oak Aged Broadside (10% abv) is available in 330ml swing-top bottles in our stores from 10th February and online now at £4.99 per bottle while stocks last.      


Sarah Groves