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Calling all hop-spotters!

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

Wild Hop pump clipIt's that time again! We're calling for your wild and garden hops to help make this year's brew of Adnams Wild Hop Amber Pale Ale. This will be the third vintage of our Wild Hop community beer and reports from the hedgerows suggest we may be in for a bumper harvest.

How you can take part:

1. Go on the look-out for hops in your local park, hedgerow, or in your garden (you never know what's lurking in that wild patch at the back). Have a look at our previous year's guide to hop-spotting here. 2. When your hops are ripe, pick them off the bine into a bag or a box. 3. Get the hop cones to our Southwold Store (4 Drayman Square, Southwold IP18 6GB) during store opening hours* as soon as you can. We're collecting from 5th September until the 19th. If you can't bring them straight away, please freeze them to stop the oils in your hops oxidising. 4. When you arrive at the store, leave your name and address along with your hops so we can thank you for your contribution later in the year.

A few notes on picking hops

The 2014 brew of Adnams Wild Hop beerYou may wish to wear gloves as the bines can be a bit prickly and irritating. We’ve also discovered that the best hops always seem to be surrounded by stinging nettles! It is also important that you only pick organically-grown hops, or those that have only been sprayed with food-friendly pesticides. If the land you’re picking hops from does not belong to you, please check that you have permission to harvest them first, and do not pick every last hop. Hops are a great food-source for Comma butterfly caterpillars, so they are great to have in your garden. Find out more about hop spotting here. *Southwold store opening hours: Monday to Saturday 9am - 6pm
Sunday 10am - 4pm


Sarah Groves