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Christmas Magnums

By Rob Chase, also posted in News on

Rob Chase with Fine WinesIs a 75cl bottle never enough at festive gatherings? Then buy a magnum! Magnums tend to be a little more expensive than the equivalent two bottle price, but there's a good reason for this. Rob Chase explains: "Why are magnums more expensive than two bottles? It's simply that they cost more to manufacture. Magnums (1.5 litres) are not made in such massive volumes as bottles (75cl), so the costs of production per unit are that much higher. When you get to the really large formats - a term used for such sizes from Jeroboams (3 litres) to Nebuchadnezzars (15 litres), many more get broken in the process of manufacturing. But, and this is a big BUT, the wine in magnums ages slower and therefore more elegantly than in a bottle, which means one could cellar a magnum for maybe twice as long as its equivalent bottle. By the same token, one should expect to keep a half bottle (37cl), half as long as a normal bottle. The best bit of all, though, is one can spread one’s generosity and munificence a little further with a magnum. And they do look very grand on the table!"

Adnams Selection White Burgundy, MagnumRob's top Christmas Magnums for 2013:

Adnams White Burgundy £22.99 Adnams Red Burgundy £22.99 Château Belvue, Bordeaux £17.99 Adnams Champagne Brut £48.49   How many glasses? A standard 75cl bottle of wine usually provides enough for six standard glasses of wine, you can therefore expect 12 glasses from a magnum. If you've got a large gathering of friends and family, a magnum is a great solution.


Rob Chase