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Eco-Easter eggs - all wrapped up with minimal waste

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

Montezuma's Eco-eggBananas, apples and eggs all have something magical in common (apart from being tasty) - they all come ready-packed in supremely efficient 100% natural cases.The banana probably being the ultimate in nature's packaging design. Chocolate Easter eggs, however, can be a huge generator of excess packaging waste. Legislation means that manufacturing companies now need to limit and monitor their waste, but Easter can still be a bin-filler. At the forefront of sustainability is Sussex chocolate maker Montezuma's, whose Eco-egg has just come top in an independent report on Easter Egg packaging by MP Jo Swinson. The innovative packaging is designed by Goodpak, based in Suffolk, using material that is both recycled and recyclable, making it the most environmentally-friendly Easter Egg pack in the UK. The box is made from paper pulp, just like a conventional egg box, but molded to snuggly fit an Easter Egg. This means that we can enjoy delicious British-made chocolate without sending any waste to landfill - what little packaging there is can be recycled. Montezuma's Eco-eggs are available in Adnams Cellar & Kitchen Stores at £8.99 and come in three flavours: Milk Chocolate, Milk and Butterscotch, and Dark Chocolate and Cocoa nibs. You can find your nearest store here.


Sarah Groves