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Endrizzi - Batty about making good wine

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

Fledgling emerging from one of Endrizzi's bird boxesThis week, we're taking a closer look at one of our Italian wine producers - Endrizzi - and finding out how they ensure that their wines are as tasty as nature intended. Endrizzi is based in the mountainous Trentino region of northern Italy, but they also have an estate further south in Maremma, Tuscany. The vineyards at San Michele all'Adige, Trentino, are situated amongst stunningly beautiful, mountain scenery, with good exposure to sunlight and a supply of dry, fresh air thanks to the constant mountain breezes. It's an environment that keeps the vines naturally healthy. [caption id="attachment_9826" align="alignright" width="180" caption="Bat box on a vine post"]Bat box at Endrizzi[/caption] Over the past fifteen years or so, Paolo Endrizzi and the Trentino vineyard team began to place bird and bat boxes amongst the vines - around 25 boxes per hectare. Their aim was to make the vineyard a sought-after home for insect eaters - species such as great tits, blue tits, redstarts, robins, sparrows, wrens and, covering the night-shift, bats. They enjoy munching on vineyard pests such as the grape berry moth and leafhoppers. [caption id="attachment_9828" align="alignleft" width="180" caption="Thomas Kemmler (left) with Christine and Paolo Endrizzi"]Thomas Kemmler (left) with Christine and Paolo Endrizzi[/caption] It's not always a free lunch for the birds, though, as they in turn attract birds of prey. The aim is to achieve balance through biodiversity - to create a complex yet stable and healthy environment for the vines giving them the best opportunity to produce top-quality fruit. Co-owner Thomas Kemmler explains, "Encouraging birds and bats is not only to promote biodiversity, it is foremost in getting rid of insects without using pesticides. We do not use chemical sprays or synthetic fertilisers in the vineyards, and do not use any chemicals to clean the winery. This ensures we have absolutely no chemical residues in our wines. We follow the idea of eco-sustainability in all aspects of our working practices". [caption id="attachment_9820" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Endrizzi mixed case £110, save over £17"]Endrizzi mixed case £110, save over £17[/caption] We've put together a 12-bottle mixed case of wines (£110) to illustrate the work that the team at Endrizzi are doing in the vineyards. Two, the Pinot Grigio (dry white) and Teroldego Rotaliano (a native red variety) - are from Trentino, and two reds - Morellino and Serpaiolo are from Tuscany. To encourage you to give these environmentally-tasty wines a try, we've knocked over £17 off the case. You can also find a selection of wines from Endrizzi in your nearest Adnams Cellar & Kitchen Store. Room with a view


Sarah Groves