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Fergus tunes his inner Irish radar...

By Fergus Fitzgerald, also posted in News on

Fergus being presented with the APPBG Brewer of the Year TrophyI’ve been a bit busy the last few weeks, but thought I’d better take the time to do a quick post before we win any more awards, there must be a Nobel prize coming this way soon. Anyway, I had my own to add to it a few weeks ago when I won the ...deep breath... Institute of Brewing and Distilling All Party Parliamentary Beer Group Brewer of the Year 2013! I hadn’t been told about the award in advance, as far as I knew I was attending the dinner and awards in London in place of Andy Wood and Jonathan Adnams, who usually attend but were both on holiday, and with our Operations Director Karen Hester laid up with back problems I was the natural 3rd, no wait, 4th choice. Anyway, once the speech started I had a very strong inkling that something was afoot as they mentioned that the person in question hailed from Ireland. My inner Irish radar hadn’t detected any other Irish Brewers there so it was time to start squirming. I can't say I really know what to do with myself when people say nice things about me but I got through it, however, I never got to make my Oscar acceptance speech, maybe next time. It’s hard to say these things without sounding too cheesy but the award is as much about the people I work with at Adnams, so a big thank you to everyone at Adnams as well as to the people out there that support what we do. Jeremy Moss from Cliff Quay brewery pointed out that it's probably the first time that the award has been given to a brewer at the same brewery. Mike Powell-Evans, my mentor and predecessor at Adnams, also picked up the award in 2003 just before I joined Adnams. Mike was the 3rd Head brewer I’ve worked under, following two stints at Fullers where I worked under Reg Drury and then John Keeling.  I’ve learnt something from all of them and I know I still have lots more to learn. Cheers!


Fergus Fitzgerald