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From blue to brown, by going green

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

New Spindrift bottle October 2013We're now bottling, our 5% abv golden beer, in brown bottles rather than blue bottles. Please note: The bottled version was retired in May 2016. Adnams' Environmental team have undertaken a carbon audit of all our bottled beers in conjunction with Adapt (we'll tell you more about that soon) and it's much more environmentally responsible for us to move away from the blue bottle to an amber-coloured glass. 1) The new bottle is 30% lighter, which helps us reduce carbon emissions as less energy is required in the production of the bottle. It also means that the transport weight is reduced, and therefore carbon emissions. 2) The blue bottles are produced in Germany and the brown bottles in the UK, so we've cut the distance travelled by 62%. 3) As well as having a lower carbon footprint, the brown bottle helps protect the beer inside. The colour filters out light which means the amber bottle will keep the beer tasting fresher. You can read about 'light-struck' beer in Fergus's blog article here. Adnams Spindrift is brewed from a blend of East Anglian malted barley, Boadicea hops and wheat. It's chilled and filtered to retain all the freshness, flavour and aromas of unpasteurised beer. Let us know what you think of our new bottle in the comments box below.      


Sarah Groves