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Ghost Ship Day

By sarahhowe, also posted in News on

Today we celebrate the first anniversary of the Ghost Ship launch party, held on 3rd May 2012 outside our Brewery. The evening was to celebrate Ghost Ship becoming a permanent brew for us and culminated with a spooky transformation of our brewery. Watch the video here: Head Brewer Fergus Fitzgerald explains more about how Ghost Ship came to be the success it is today. "Last year's Ghost Ship launch night was magical and not just the event itself, which I would call awesome if I was prone to using such a word, the really magical thing for me was seeing a beer we’d dreamt up becoming such a success that it was now a beer we had the confidence in to put together this really great spectacle to celebrate its return. We didn’t design it to be a beer that would become permanent, we put a beer together that we thought would taste great, show off the wonderful flavours of the Citra hops and be a beer we could have some fun with." Read more about our spooky pale ale here.

Ghost Ship in a can

Ghost Ship was launched in 440ml cans in September 2012 and has become a firm favourite with our customers, especially those who like camping! It has also scooped a Bronze Medal at The International Brewing Awards, 2013.Ghost Ship cans Fergus says "I was nervous when we put it into can, not because of the flavour, I knew it would work really well, but because of the way canned beer is generally viewed. But the comments have been great, once people taste the beer in can they see how well the flavour is retained. So a big thanks to everyone who has enjoyed the beer over the last year or so."  Find out more about Fergus' thoughts on canned beer by reading his blog post "Can can beer be good beer and if it can why can it?" But don't just take our word for how good Ghost Ship is in a can, here's what the beer bloggers think: The Ormskirk Baron Beer O'Clock show [Podcast] Hopzine [Video] Real Ale Guide [Video] Tweet us Why not join in the conversation on Twitter by tweeting #GhostShipDay