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Grants awarded by the Adnams Charity

By Rebecca Abrahall, also posted in News on

On 27 January 2011 the Trustees of the Adnams Charity awarded grants totalling £16,619 to 18 worthy causes within 25 miles of Southwold.   For details about the lucky recipients and the grants awarded please rad on.. Education Friends of Sir Robert Hitcham School is a group of parents who raise money to provide facilities and equipment that the school is not able to fund.  The school is situated in a rural area near Debenham and has 223 pupils.  The Trustees awarded a grant of £595 to purchase a Story Phone - a digital audio system for children.  Coldfair Green CP School has 120 pupils and has recently increased in size due to the school reorganisation in the area.  To accommodate the increase in numbers the school has been extended and altered.  As part of the alterations the school library was moved to a different room and during this process the old library shelves collapsed. The Trustees awarded a grant of £600 towards the cost of new shelving. Worlingham Middle School is planning a seven-day sailing expedition from Gosport to the Channel Islands and back on board the Queen Galadriel, a 33m Cirdan Sail Training Ship.  Twelve pupils aged twelve or thirteen will participate in the trip in May 2012.  The trip is intended to promote team work, develop social skills, build self-confidence and self-belief and equip the youngsters for a ‘future away from home’.  Parental contributions have been set at £350 per pupil, but this is out of the reach of three families – pupils who would benefit most from the trip.  The Trustees awarded a grant of £360 towards the parental contribution for these three pupils. Fressingfield CEVC Primary School is a rural school with 130 pupils aged between three and eleven. The Trustees awarded a grant of £644.50 to purchase new reading books for children in Key Stage 1. Wilby Primary School is a small rural primary school with 83 full-time pupils aged between 5 and 11.  An additional 31 children attend the school nursery. The Trustees awarded a grant of £573.53 to pay for netball court markings.   Stradbroke Business & Enterprise College is a rural high school with 308 pupils.  The school has a higher than average number of pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN) - a total of 112 (36%).  Thirteen of these pupils have a statement of SEN.  The Trustees awarded a grant of £1,000 to purchase five Samsung notebooks which will make learning for SEN pupils much more accessible.  Many pupils at the school have barriers to writing and will never develop functional handwriting.  This makes things such as copying from the board or writing tasks unachievable.  Being able to use a netbook during classes will allow these children to develop independent skills rather than being dependent on their Teaching Assistant and will also allow them to feel less different to their peers.  Friends of Hemblington School is a group of parents which raises money for Hemblington Primary School to purchase items not provided by the school budget.  The school has an environmental garden which has become very overgrown over the years.  The Friends have started to clear and tidy the area so that it can be used as a learning resource.  The Trustees awarded a grant of £511.82 to purchase fencing and a bridge to go over the pond (to allow pond-dipping). Cobholm Primary and Nursery School in Great Yarmouth has 146 pupils aged between three and eleven.  As well as providing a good education for local children, the school’s facilities are also used by community groups and local pensioners.  In 2012 the school will be 100 years old and to celebrate its centenary staff and pupils would like to improve the appearance of a wall in the school grounds.  The school has secured the services of a local artist, Mik Richardson, to work with the children to create a fantasy mural.  The children will be heavily involved in the process and the finished product should act as a stimulus for play. The Trustees awarded a grant of £750 towards the cost of materials for the mural. Health and Social Welfare Lowestoft Shopmobility is a small local charity which aims to make everyday life easier for people whose mobility is restricted by illness, accident or degenerative age-related conditions.  Lowestoft Shopmobility has a small fleet of mobility vehicles which are loaned out to local residents, visitors and holidaymakers on a short-term basis. The Trustees awarded a grant of £399 to purchase a four-wheel travel scooter.  Asperger East Anglia (AEA) provides support groups and activities for those with Asperger Syndrome and their families.  AEA is planning to set up a new youth group, based in Lowestoft, for people aged between 12 and 18. The youth group will run on a fortnightly basis and will aim to improve social and communications skills, levels of tolerance and positive behaviour. The Trustees awarded a grant of £1,004 to purchase play equipment for the new group. Waveney Enterprises in Beccles, supports 16 adults with mild to moderate learning difficulties.  Waveney Enterprises runs an arts and crafts workshop which provides the service users with the opportunity to develop life skills, independence and confidence.  The service users make items from donated or recycled materials which are then sold in the Waveney Enterprises shop to fund the operating costs of the craft workshop and to support the service users.  The Trustees awarded £499 to purchase a sewing machine, particularly useful for producing logos and images.   Peer Support is run by and for mental health service users.  It runs drop-in sessions, four days a week, at the United Reform Church in Lowestoft and the former offices of Waveney Community Forum.  The four-hour long sessions provide an opportunity for people with mental health issues to come and discuss their problems and worries.  One-to-one support is also offered, if needed.  The Trustees awarded a grant of £2,400 to pay for room hire for six months. The Friends of John Turner House Day Centre was formed to give extra support to the adults with profound and complex needs who attend the John Turner House Day Centre in order to enhance their quality of life.  The Trustees awarded a grant of £1,000 towards the cost of a multi-media projector to complete a new sensory studio. Suffolk Social Services supports a 50-year-old gentleman from the Adnams Charity catchment area.  The gentleman suffers from back problems, has arthritis and is a permanent wheelchair user.  His Occupational Therapist has assessed his home and has advised that it be fitted with a wash and dry toilet to give him a degree of independence and dignity. The Trustees awarded a grant of £1,000 towards the cost of a Palm Vita Clos-o-Mat toilet. Time for you (hosted by United Response) provides unpaid family carers with a range of experiences and activities to enable them to have some time to themselves.  One aspect of the project, ‘Driving you forward’, provides funding for driving-lesson packages for young adult carers.  Young adult carers often find driving lessons too expensive to fund themselves due to their caring role and the restrictions this imposes.  However, once a young adult carer is able to drive their caring role becomes much easier and the young person becomes more independent. The Trustees awarded a grant of £1,612.80 to pay for driving lessons for three young adult carers from the Adnams Charity catchment area. Lowestoft Lifeguard Volunteer Corps provides training and equipment in support of four full-time lifeguards, safeguarding the users of Lowestoft’s South Beach.  The Trustees awarded a grant of £1,530 to purchase a defibrillator. Recreation 1st Halesworth Scout Group has a total of 65 members aged between 6 and 25.  Scouting provides adventurous activities and personal development opportunities such as games, badge work, camping practice, fire lighting/cooking, night hikes, sleepovers in HQ, treasure trails and community work The Trustees awarded a grant of £700 to purchase a new mess tent.  Buildings/Community Facilities Easton & Letheringham Village Hall has recently been refurbished to improve its heating, insulation, lighting and flooring.  The hall is used by Easton Pre-school, and also by a weekly table tennis club, a choir, yoga and Zumba classes, for various community group meetings as well as for other events and private functions. The Trustees awarded a grant of £500 towards the cost of stacking chairs. History Lowestoft Civic Society is planning to restore a 17th century plaster ceiling rescued from a grade II listed farmhouse in Stoven prior to its demolition in 1978.  The Stoven Ceiling Restoration Project will focus on the conservation and restoration process.  Lowestoft College staff and students will assist in designing and constructing a frame to carry the restored ceiling to its final location in the Lowestoft Civic Society.  Local schools will undertake site visits to see the restoration as it happens, and a team of local volunteers will record and document the restoration process with the results being made available for use as a future training and educational resource. The Trustees awarded £1,000 towards the cost of the restoration.


Rebecca Abrahall