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Great Grapes! Four new wines from Chile

By Alastair Marshall, also posted in News on

Adnams-Great-Grape-Chilean-rangeOur 'Great Grape' wine range sees four new arrivals today. What we have set out to do with this range is to find the best representation of a particular grape variety, whatever its provenance, at a great price. Perhaps not surprisingly, we've found that regions that are famous for producing certain grapes have ended up being the source of our own-label wines. Our Tempranillo comes from Spain, our Merlot comes from Chile, our Shiraz from Australia (arriving soon!), but our Pinot Grigio comes from Chile. Why? Because it fulfills the basic premises of quality and value that we are looking for in this range.

Great Grapes from Chile

Adnams Pinot Grigio Zingy, fresh, apples and pears in a glass. Adnams Cabernet Sauvignon Fresh blackcurrant and dark fruit flavours. Adnams Pinot Noir Light, fresh and simple with aromas of black cherries and raspberries. Adnams Merlot Plums and dark fruit aromas, soft and easy to drink. The wines are available online and in our stores for £6.99 a bottle.  


Alastair Marshall