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Half a tiara and too many butts...

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

A big thank you to every one of our 110 volunteers who took part in our beach clean on Saturday 15th September 2018. The September clean is our biggest of the year and forms part of the Marine Conservation Society's Great British Beach Clean weekend, which sees hundreds of cleans happening all around our coast.

Four times a year, the Adnams team, along with a fabulous group of volunteers, remove all the litter they can find from a stretch of beach from Gun Hill to the Harbour. This year we were joined by a Scout group as well as a couple of local businesses - it was great having you with us! Despite the long, hot summer, with thousands of people using the beach, we found the beach to be cleaner than we've experienced previously.

Perhaps this is due to much better public awareness of the problems of litter, and perhaps also the increased number of people who make picking up litter part of their daily beach walk routine.

What did we find?

An average of 357 pieces of litter per 100m of beach, of which 61% was plastic and 15% paper (mostly in the form of cigarette butts). We found 34 cigarette butts per 100m of beach - it's really important to remove these as butts contain toxic chemicals as well as plastic. 40% was un-sourceable (mostly little bits of unrecogniseable fragments of plastic), 35% was classified as 'public litter' such as crisp and sweet packets and 15% was fishing and shipping waste. Some notable finds included a pair of men's pants, a plastic champagne flute, a traffic cone, a polystyrene fish box and half a tiara...

Our volunteers collected 41 sacks of rubbish, weighing 40kg. At the end of the clean, volunteers were treated to fish & chips and a drink at The Harbour Inn.

When is our next clean?

The date is to be confirmed, but our next clean will take place in March 2019. If you’re interested in signing up or simply registering your interest for future cleans, please email

Thanks again to every volunteer – see you again soon!  


Sarah Groves