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Hi Societe: New Beer 'The Publican' exclusively available for Wetherspoon outlets

By Fergus Fitzgerald, also posted in News on

Doug and Travis from-Societe Brewing Company with Fergus at Adnams Southwold storeI was out in Denver recently at the World Beer Cup and the Craft Brewers Conference, whilst I was there I managed, after several failed attempts, to say hello to Travis from Societe Brewing Company in San Diego. Travis was having a bit of a hectic time of it and within a week of being in Denver for the Conference he would be heading to Southwold to brew a beer. It was a quick 'hello' as I was heading off to hear someone give a talk about the intricacies of selling beer in growlers and I think Travis‘s mind was back at the brewery as I think that was the first time he hadn’t been there when they were brewing.

The Publican

Whilst I was there I also got to try the beer we were going to brew a version of over here called ‘The Publican’. It was a superb pale ale (although we decided later on that it was too pale to be called a pale ale, looks like an opportunity to create a new category for extra pale-pale ales), it was really fresh and packed full of grapefruit and lemon hop aromas. A week or so later Travis and Doug (co-founders of Societe) arrived in Southwold. This turned out to be the second time that Travis was away from their brewery while the rest of the team at Societe were brewing back at home, a fact that wasn’t playing on his mind at all! The Publican Hoppy Ale pump clipAnyway, brewing went fine with one small issue with the amount of hops that went in late in the boil. We didn’t block the wort cooler but certainly there seems to be a trend with brewers from San Diego trying to fill our wort cooler up with hops (I’m looking at you Mitch Steele - see Stone Double IPA back in January). We had to change the recipe a bit as we couldn’t get anymore Simcoe hops from last years harvest. Belinda worked with the guys to come up with some alternatives as lots of American varieties are in very short supply until the new harvest comes in this Autumn. I think the guys had a good time, unfortunately the few days they were here the weather was awful. By awful I mean sunny and warm, at least by Southwold standards; it turns out that Doug and Travis are possibly the only two people living in San Diego who don’t like the almost constant sunshine there. They did enjoy the Lord Nelson though and Doug may have agreed a job swap with David, the landlord. David also seemed keen on the idea, so who knows, maybe we’ll be seeing a bit more of them, although I wouldn’t go packing your suitcase just yet David. It was really great to meet Doug and Travis, its always great to meet people who have a passion for something and have the courage to get on and make it happen.  They obviously work really well together, which is just as well after hearing about Doug’s lactose intolerance and the inherent dangers of sharing a room with him. Hope that twin room in Belgium was worth it, Travis! You can find 'The Publican' at your local participating Wetherpoon pub as part of the American Craft Brewers' Showcase from 19th May 2014.


Fergus Fitzgerald