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Hopping across the pond

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

Adnams brewer Dan selecting hops in the USAOnce a year, Adnams Brewer, Dan Gooderham, travels to the States to visit hop farms and select our entire year’s supply of US hops, including citra, mosaic, cascade, centennial and chinook.

Dan explains, “We know the aromas and flavours we are looking for in our hops, and to get consistency in our beers all year round, we need to select batches of hops that are truest to type. It’s also a great chance to meet the growers and give them feedback on the type of aromas, flavours and bitterness we're looking for in our beers.”

In your pint of Ghost Ship you’ll find citra, cascade and chinook hops - all of which are grown in Yakima, Washington State.

The Mosaic hops for our single-hop Mosaic Pale Ale are also entirely sourced from the USA.

Adnams also source hops grown in Britain, New Zealand, Australia and small amounts from elsewhere in Europe.

It’s all in the rub…

Green hop handsSelecting hops involves a lot of rubbing. Squashing and rolling hops in your hands releases all the lovely hop oils and aromas. Oily, green hands are the sign of a great hop-selection session! After the hops are selected, they are put into bails and then made into hop pellets, which are much easier to handle and store well - very important when a year’s supply is being purchased.

Hops are like the herbs and spices used in cooking - they are the magic ingredients that help give our home-grown barley extra flavours and aromas with characteristics such as citrus, tropical fruit, spice, pine and herbs. They also add bitterness and act as natural preservatives. Hop-tastic!



Sarah Groves