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How To Have A 'Green' Christmas - Alison's Guide

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Alison Kibble in front of the Adnams Christmas tree in the Reydon Distribution CentreAlison Kibble, our Environmental Champion, has come up with a few inspiring ideas on how to 'green up' Christmas. "Everyone’s budget is getting smaller as the price of fuel, food and everything else seems to increase. There are things that we can do to ease this by reusing and recycling as much as possible to minimise waste. Here are my thoughts: 1) Enjoy a real Christmas tree Buy a real tree rather than a plastic one. Even though plastic can be reused year after year, the plastic can take years to decompose and may also contain persistent toxins. Buy a tree with roots so it can be planted out and used again. If you buy one with no roots, ensure that it gets mulched up and put on to your garden. Cinnamon sticks and recycled paper chains2) Tree decorations Have a go at making some yourself. Waste paper can be made into paper chains - get the kids to colour them in. Cut out snowflakes to stick on to the windows. Stick cloves into oranges and bake until dry - they look beautiful and smell amazing. Pick some holly and ivy from the garden, or ask your neighbour if they have any, to make table decorations and wreaths. The children from Southwold Primary School have made the tree decorations for The Swan Hotel in Southwold from salt dough. Great fun, and very personal. Dried orange Christmas tree decoration3) Christmas Cards If you are going to see family over Christmas, why send a card? If you are not, you could send a greeting by email. Use last year's cards for this year's labels on your pressies. Recycled paper star decorations4) Festive Food Try and buy as many local products as possible to cut down on those air miles. It may be a bit more expensive, but far kinder to the planet. With all those veggies, use a steamer so you are only using one ring on the hob, but cooking a multiple things at once - it's greener and healthy, too. If you live near to an elderly person who is on their own, offering them a plate of food could be a very welcome and thoughtful gesture. You'll feel great, and they will feel valued as well. 5) Christmas Spirit Ensure all your festive bottles of wine, beer and spirits are taken to the bottle bank, and whilst you are there, remember to bring your wrapping paper to be recycled. If you are careful with the wrapping paper, and don't rip it in a frenzy of excitement, you could use it again next year, too!" All of us at Adnams wish you a very happy Christmas.