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How we turn the World's Best Vodka into an award-winning gin

By Jazelle, also posted in News on

You may have heard, we are extremely excited to have won loads of awards at this year’s IWSC, including our Longshore Vodka taking home the prestigious Gold Trophy Award for the World’s Best Vodka *cue celebrations*!

All our vodkas and gins have scooped up awards since we created our Copper House Distillery in 2010, which is due to our grain to glass approach to making our hand-crafted spirits. Not only are our gins made with locally-grown grains, but they’re also made from award-winning parents.

That’s right - did you know that each of our award-winning gins start their life cycle as vodkas?

Check out our grain to glass journey below, which gives us six of our most prized spirits.

East Coast Vodka → Copper House Gin Longshore Vodka → First Rate Gin Rye Hill Vodka → Rising Sun Gin

How we do it 1. We start by harvesting some of the very best quality grains (barley, wheat and rye) in East Anglia, including Rye from our very own Jonathan Adnams’ fields, to make an Adnams un-hopped beer 2. Our Master Distiller, John, distills this beer wash (at around 6% abv) to create a pure, clean vodka at over 96% in small-batch copper pot stills 3. A portion of vodka is then set aside and re-distilled with carefully selected botanicals to create another award-winning gin, either Copper House, First Rate or Rising Sun The resulting awards Rye Hill Vodka

  • IWSC Silver Medal 2018, Vodka & Tonic Silver Outstanding Medal 2018

          Rising Sun Gin  

  • IWSC Bronze Medal 2018, Gin & Tonic Silver Medal 2018
  • IWSC Silver Medal 2017

     East Coast Vodka

  • IWSC Silver Outstanding Medal 2018, Vodka and Tonic Silver Medal 2018
  • Winner at the World Vodka Awards in 2015

          Copper House Gin

  •     IWSC Gold Medal and Silver Outstanding Medal 2017
  •     IWSC Gold Trophy for World’s Best Gin 2013

       Longshore Vodka

  • IWSC Gold Outstanding, The Vodka Trophy and Vodka and Tonic Silver Medal 2018
  • IWSC Bronze medal 2017

          First Rate Gin

  • IWSC Silver Medal, Gin & Tonic Silver Medal 2018

      If you haven’t tried any of the above yet, click on any of the links to purchase online, or visit your local Adnams store for a free taste before you purchase.