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Introducing Suffolk Blush Kombucha

By Adnams, also posted in News on

L.A Brewery X Adnams Suffolk Blush Kombucha

On the surface, Adnams collaborating with a Suffolk micro-brewery might not sound that unusual but dig a little deeper and you will find that L.A. Brewery produces quite a different product. This somewhat symbiotic collaboration saw Adnams’ Wine Team bring their combined knowledge to the table, and the result is Adnams first foray into the fermentable world of kombucha. 

L.A Brewery was born out of founder Louise Avery’s obsession with fermentation and flavours from the wild. Progressing from her kitchen to a micro-brewery here in Suffolk, she infuses her kombucha with flowers, fruits, herbs, and botanicals to create gently sparkling, complex drinks that still maintain that home-brewed taste. It was this approach that first attracted us to the brand and their products are stocked in Adnams stores. 


L.A. Brewery’s kombucha is a naturally effervescent living tea full of friendly bacteria. It is created by fermenting sweetened, high-altitude, chemical-free green and black teas with a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeast). The yeast consumes the sugar, converting it into ethanol and Co2, simultaneously the ethanol is being consumed by the bacteria and converted into acetic acid which gives the kombucha its distinctive tangy tones. The result is a raw, living, and delicious fizzy drink. 

Together, we have combined this unique culture flavours with strawberries, rhubarb, and citrus hops to create a sparkling drink that sings of Suffolk. Delicate and light, it has lovely refreshing strawberry flavours, along with wildflowers and a hint of spice that adds complexity. Zesty and vibrant, it is great as an aperitif or as an alternative to Champagne for a celebratory drink. It is wonderful paired with fresh salads and light chicken or fish dishes. 

Suffolk Blush Kombucha is available to purchase here and in Adnams stores