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Is it a tea, is it a beer, is it a tisane (bless you!)

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

Adnams T Drop can

Adnams T-Drop tea-infused summer ale is here! At 4% abv, this ruby-red beer is infused with jasmine, earl grey tea and hibiscus to create a wonderful citrus-filled beer with floral notes and a touch of red fruit.

The facts:

Malts: pale ale malt, wheat Hops: Cascade Other: Jasmine, earl grey and hibiscus tea Available: June to September in 9g casks and 330ml cans in our stores and online Serving suggestion: Perfect with pan-fried duck or summer garden salads Allergens: Contains gluten (barley and wheat) What's the story? We first brewed a tea beer using Earl Grey to create our Earl Grey Lager, which was launched as a seasonal brew, but proved so popular that we are still brewing it. We thought it would be fun to brew a brand new tea beer for the summer using a blend of delicously distinctive teas. The floral notes of jasmine work fantastically well with the citrus flavours of earl grey and the cranberry-like flavour of hibiscus. After all, who doesn't love tea?! Watch a short video featuring brewers Fergus and Ed discuss their new beer here:


Sarah Groves