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Is there a Doctor in the House?

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

Is there a Doctor in the House?Yes, several now that Adnams’ Chief Operating Officer Karen Hester has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate by University Campus Suffolk (UCS). Dr Karen Hester joined the Adnams Board as Executive Director in May this year, and is responsible for over 400 employees. Not bad considering her first position at Adnams was as a part-time cleaner – what an amazing achievement and testament to her talent and determination. Karen received her Honorary Degree alongside writer Ronald Blythe and Maureen Reynel, founder of the 'Families in Need’ charity, as well as graduate students from the Suffolk Business School, the Department of Psychology, Sociology and Social Work and the Department of Young People and Education. The day before saw singer songwriter Ed Sheeran receive an Honorary Doctorate too. Karen commented to the graduating students, “Not only am I honoured and privileged to accept this award today but it is a dream come true for me because when I was young the opportunities to go to university were not there. I actually wanted to go to university to be a barrister but that wasn’t to be so my career path was very different. What is apparent today is how great you have all done, I am at the other end of the scale, you are just beginning your journey of learning. Never forget where you have come from and all the support structure you have had around you to get you to where you are today because today is a fantastic beginning for you.”   “I’m sure many of you would have preferred to graduate yesterday but obviously you hadn’t met me then and actually it’s probably lucky for Ed Sheeran to be before me because I am a hard act to follow, so thanks Ed for that - going before me! I would like to thank my family who have supported me, Adnams and Andy Wood who has been a great coach and mentor to me. My advice for you all now is to be the best you can be, enjoy today because the hard work probably begins now for you whereas I am just going to ‘chillax’ as Ed said, so congratulations to you all, I wish you all good success in your careers but do work hard because as well as the bit of paper you do need to have a good work ethic, one day you might have to work for someone like me!” A very big, Adnamsy, well done to Karen.


Sarah Groves