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It’s a win win! Alcohol Free Ghost Ship has docked!

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

To celebrate the launch of our brand new Ghost Ship 0.5% abv Alcohol Free beer, we’re giving you the chance to win your very own pub shed. Yes, a proper pub shed, with a bar, seating area and a fridge full of Adnams Ghost Ship 4.5% and Ghost Ship Alcohol Free, built by hand here in Southwold and delivered and installed in your garden. Not only that, but the lucky winner will also be sent beer for a year*, so the party can continue! Twenty runners-up will receive a Ghost Ship fridge hauntingly packed with both Ghost Ships. All you need to do is enter your details via this form: simple!

*Full terms and conditions are here.

What is Ghost Ship Alcohol Free?

Ghost Ship Alcohol Free has all the same flavours and aromas as Ghost Ship 4.5% but is no apparition, treating pale ale lovers to 100% of the taste at 0.5% abv – spooky! Created to meet the rapidly growing demand for low alcohol beer, Ghost Ship Alcohol Free is available in our stores, pubs and online at from 1st June in 30-litre keg and 500ml bottles with 330ml cans following a few weeks later. It is brewed with pale ale, rye crystal and cara malts, using citra and a blend of other American hop varieties to create hauntingly bold citrus flavours. The beer has a lemon and lime aroma that perfectly complements the aromatic tastes of spicy Thai and Indian foods. With no compromise on taste, Ghost Ship Alcohol Free is a mere 21 kcal per 100ml providing a low alcohol, great tasting beer for those counting calories or looking for a invigorating drink to celebrate the summer. It's also suitable for vegans. Fergus Fitzgerald, Head Brewer at Adnams explains: “Over the past few years we looked at lots of different ways of making low alcohol beers, the reverse osmosis method gave by far the best tasting beer. It allows us to brew and ferment as normal and then at cold temperatures remove the alcohol whilst leaving the other flavours of the fermentation in the beer. It’s all very high tech magic allowing our Ghost Ship to sail away free from alcohol but remaining full of its original ­flavours and aromas.” Adnams Ghost Ship 0.5% abv Alcohol Free is available in 500ml bottles at £1.59 each in Adnams stores and in a pack of 8 at £12.49 online, as well as in kegs in selected outlets. Taste it for free in our stores!

Why are we calling our new beer 'Alcohol Free' rather than 'de-alcoholised'? A beer at this abv in the UK is termed 'de-alcoholised' and for the EU it's 'alcohol free'. We've decided to use both terms and have put 'alcohol free' on the front (which we think is more understandable) alongside 0.5% abv and 'de-alcoholised beer' on the back label so both are there. There are consultations happening at the moment on alcohol labelling, but with the Brexit negociations ahead, it is not yet clear how the legislation will be affected.


Sarah Groves