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It's the Copper House Distillery's 2nd Birthday

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

Southwold through a glassAdnams Copper House Distillery has been producing handcrafted spirits for two years, and what a fascinating and rewarding time it has been for the Distillery team. Adnams is incredibly proud to have gained international recognition and awards for our spirit range, including a coveted Gold Medal in The San Francisco World Spirits Competition for our Longshore Finest Cut Vodka. The Distillery team have launched a range of Seasonal Spirits in addition to our Gin and Vodka, such as Winter Spiced and Sloe Gin, and next year we're preparing to launch a very special product - Adnams Whisky. To be classified a whisky, spirits must have at least three years' development time in barrel, and we're currently on year two of our whisky's journey. The team, headed up by Distiller John McCarthy, recently undertook a two-year tasting of the whisky, which is currently slowly maturing in the Brewery cellars. Adnams Whisky is made in the Adnams way – thoroughly modern and utilising the best distillation methods, yet with a firm nod of respect to tradition. Our spirits, as well as being exceptionally clean due to the distillation methods and shape of Still, owe a good deal of character to our long-established brewery yeast which ferments the distillery ‘wash’. The use of 100% new oak, too, will create whisky rich in aromas and flavours. John’s tasting notes are below: "Whisky No 1 (we'll name it something a little more imaginative nearer the time of release!) is a made from a single grain - 100% East Anglian Barley - and matured in new French oak barrels. It's deep amber in colour with aromas of liquorice and anise. It's sweet and smooth with a long finish and a palate rich in vanilla, chocolate, clove and hints of white pepper. Whisky No 2 is a three-grain spirit (wheat, barley and oats) maturing in new American oak barrels. Amber in colour with aromas of toasted orange, meadow grass and ripe apples with a sweet and smooth finish. The palate is bright and clean with notes of citrus fruit, lime marmalade and coconut." Our whisky is expected to sell out very quickly, so if you'd like to join our register of interest, we'll let you know when and how you can pre-order Adnams Whisky before its release in 2013.


Sarah Groves