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Jack Brand Cucumelon Sour

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

Adnams Jack Brand Cucumelon SourBrand new beer for early spring!

What's the story?

Sour beers have been made for centuries, and traditionally they take months to make. Modern technology allows us to make a much cleaner, more controlled sour beer, where we can be sure that there are not too many, if any, off-flavours. We've brewed our sour beer with a German hop variety called Huell Melon, which gives the beer its fresh melony notes, and after fermentation we've added some cucumber extract to give the beer a fresh, summer garden aroma. The facts: Style: Kettle Sour* ABV: 4% Colour: Pale gold IBU: 15 Taste: Lightly tart with a fresh cucumber and melon aromas, and a dry finish. Malts: Lager malt Hops: Huell melon Other: Cucumber extract, lager yeast, lactic acid bacteria Allergens: Barley (contains gluten) Available: February and March in 30L keg and 330ml cans

*Kettle Sour - a what?!

Jack Brand Cucumelon Sour can artworkSome of the most famous sour beers come from Belguim, where the beers take months to make using traditional methods. Worts (sugary, malty liquid extracted from the mashing process) are left in open fermenters where all sorts of wild yeasts and bacteria do their transformational magic before the beer is put into barrels to ferment further and mature. A much quicker and more controllable way to make a sour beer is to add lactic acid bacteria at the kettle stage of the brewing process. The kettle is the name for a large tank which boils the wort. We make a wort with lager malt, then boil it slightly to sterilse it, let it cool to around 40 degrees C then add the lactic acid bacteria. The bacteria gently acidify the wort, and when the beer has reached the pH we're looking for, we boil it up again to knock out the bacteria while adding the huell melon hops. From here on, it's treated like any other beer and it has about the same acidity level as a cider. Adnams Jack Brand Cucumelon Sour is available in selected outlets in kegs, and it will be available in cans (pack of 12 £18.99) in our stores and online.  


Sarah Groves