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Jack Brand New England IPA

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

New beer alert!
Out now in kegs in selected pubs and bars, Adnams Jack Brand New England IPA is a hazy New England-style beer, which has vibrant notes of pine and gentle malt, packed with juicy orange and big tropical fruit character.
New England IPAs (or NEIPAs) are brewed to be slightly hazy or cloudy, and the style has very gentle hop bitterness and is brewed with citrus/tropical hop-flavoured varieties. Our NEIPA is hazy due to higher levels of protein and more tannins (polyphenols from the hops) - it's not hazy from yeast.
Adnams Head Brewer, Fergus Fitzgerald comments, “We would have brewed a New England IPA earlier but we’ve spent the last two years installing the tanks and equipment to be able to condition, centrifuge, filter and keg beer on site. I think it was probably a beer called Heady Topper that got me interested in NEIPAs, although I didn’t think of it as a different style when I first tasted it. I'm pretty sure I didn’t realise it was cloudy either, as we drank it out of a can. Our version is brewed using Vermont yeast blended with some of our house yeast - I really like the idea of a brewery having a house character and not being something you can just pack into the back of a van and set up somewhere else with no effect on the flavour.”

The facts...

Style: New England IPA
ABV: 6%
Colour: Hazy orange
IBU: 50
Malts: Pale ale malt, wheat, oats
Yeast: Vermont ale
Hops: Mandarina bavaria, chinook and citra
Allergens: Barley (contains gluten)
Suitable for vegans
Available: 30L keg and will be available in 330ml cans in April-May 2018
Serving suggestion: Served chilled on its own or with BBQ chicken, or falafel and salads


Sarah Groves