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Jester - the great new British hop variety

By Belinda Jennings, also posted in News on

Adnams JesterWe had the pleasure of a visit from Ali, Richard and their daughter Serena Capper at to our brewery in April as we made Adnams single-hop beer, Jester. The Capper family was the source of the entire crop of Jester hops we used in this new beer. This was particularly exciting for me, being a huge fan of this new hop Jester. I love all the fruity, tropical flavours and aromas that some foreign hops can bring, so to have one grown in the UK now is very good news, especially if you're a hop freak like me! I first met Ali in London for a JD Wetherspoons British hop event, where we got chatting passionately about Jester, and I insisted she should try come and see the brew in production if she could find time in her busy schedule. British Hop Grower Ali Capper and Jester hops at Adnams breweryAli had great delight in loading their hops into our hoppers. A tour of the brewery was lengthened in our history room as Ali had spotted Adnams old hop records, and as she flicked through each page from the 1970s and 80s, they realised that they knew each farm and the families, and there it was  - their own Stocks Farm -  and surname, Capper.  It made me smile to see such enthusiasm. It was brilliant to discover their family name in a book at we had out every day, but had never made the connection that their family name was in there. It just reminded us of the wonderful tradition and history in the brewing industry. Later, we all joined a brewery tour led by Bob Lee (our retired Chief Engineer). The visitors on the tour were all pleased that the actual farmers of British Hops were joining them, and Ali couldn’t resist a little chat to them as we sampled some Jester beer. Keep an eye out for this fantastic brew of Jester. You can expect aromas of lychees, mangos, tropical fruits, gooseberries and grapefruit… try it for yourselves! If you'd like to find out more about British hops, you can explore the British Hops website here. Adnams Jester is available in cask in selected outlets and also in 5L mini casks in store for a limited time.


Belinda Jennings