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By John, also posted in News on

Adnams Head Distiller John McCarthyIt's been an amazing year at the Adnams Copper House Distillery. As well as the addition of two new copper stills - one designed to make gin, and the other to distil whisky - we've also bought a very exciting piece of equipment to enable me to make tiny batches of gin exclusively for members of our gin club  - The Little Club of Gindulgence - to enjoy. I won't always be using it for the Club, but the vacuum still gives me the ability to not only make really small batches, but also I can use some fascinating, delicately-flavoured ingredients. Under a vacuum, alcohol distils at a much lower temperature, which means I can extract intense, pure and really delicious aromas and flavours from a variety of different fruits, spices, herbs and even vegetables! I can't tell you any more - you'll have to join the Little Club of Gin-dulgence to find out! Gin-dulgence gin clubThis little still, in conjunction with our copper pot still, gives me the freedom to make some unique gins, none of which can be made in large quantities, but are perfect for including in our gin club for those that love to discover something new and different. From all of the trial distillations I run throughout the year, my favourite 12 will make it to the Gin Club, that's a box of three 100ml bottles of gin every three months for a year. Adnams Suffolk Garden cocktailMembers of the Little Club of Gin-dulgence can expect some fascinating flavours, and each gin will come with a serve or a cocktail suggestions as well as information on why I've made it. The first box will be delivered to members in time for Christmas and a year's membership costs £140 - it's a brilliant present for a lover of great gin. You can find out more about the gin club and join, or gift a membership, here. Hurry, as we have just 500 subscription available this year!