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King Lear - Theatre in the Forest

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

Red Rose Chain Theatre in the ForestUFOs? Pah! Rendlesham Forest offers far more drama than that. From Tuesday 24th July, an enclave in the forest will resonate with laughter, the munching of picnics, as well as blood-curdling screams, for this is the start of a glorious season of entertainment by theatre company Red Rose Chain. King Lear is the Theatre in the Forest's thirteenth production, and like the company's previous Shakespeare performances, manages to inject humour into a threatening and murderous plot. I like to think that Shakespeare himself would have thoroughly approved! King Lear, Theatre in the ForestIn case you're not familiar with the story (or you've forgotten everything from your English Literature lessons at school), then you can flick through a brilliant 'in a nutshell' animation on the Theatre in the Forest's website. If you're bringing children along, they will enjoy understanding the story before watching the action. Performances run from July 24th through to 26th August (but not Sundays, apart from the closing night). Ticket prices range from £10 for concessions through to £20. Family tickets are also available - full details can be found here. You can pre-book picnics (some of which contain Adnams Champagne, wine and / or beer) and there's also a bar serving hot and cold drinks, including Adnams Sole Star. Do not miss this chance to watch accessible and utterly entertaining Shakespeare performed without amplification in a beautiful forest location. You can order your tickets and find out more here.


Sarah Groves