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Make mine a Malbec...

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

Adnams Wine Buyer, Lydia Harrowven, tells us more about Malbec - one of the world's most popular red grape varieties and one that's found a home-from-home in Argentina.

Malbec is probably most famous as a grape variety blended alongside Cabernet Sauvignon in Bordeaux, France, and as the principle variety in the sturdy, full-flavoured wines from Cahors.

"I'm increasingly excited about the Adnams Malbec (El Dominio and San Juan) wines as they offer high quality and value for money red wines.

One thing that never seizes to amaze me is the diversity of the Malbec grape. Considered by many as a reliable grape that presents a consistency of style and quality, it is also capable of producing very different expressions depending on where it is grown, and who is growing it.

This is something you notice when you taste a flight of Malbec side-by-side, something I have had the joy of doing recently. For an easy guide to how diverse the Malbec wines really can be, you must try the two Adnams Malbecs. I believe our selection of Malbec highlights the diversity of this sturdy and bold grape.

On one end, we have a wine from the famous Malbec wine producing region Mendoza, our 'El Dominio' (£9.99), where we have selected a more 'serious' style of Malbec, with voluptuous rich fruits and a structure that pulls together the concentration of fruit. In my mind, drinking this wine immediately evokes blackberry and plum crumble. Full of fruit, a grip of fruit bite with a creamily textured topping - washed through with a helping of fruit acidity. I would pair this style with the classic comfort food of steak and chips.

Then, at the other end, we have a Malbec from the the slightly less well-known region of San Juan (£6.99) to the north of Mendoza. The Adnams San Juan Malbec offers soft, vibrant fruit and a mouth-wateringly juicy finish. For me this wine has a spring in its step, a vitality. It's a wine that could be enjoyed with or without food but makes me want to whip out the Parma ham and gruyère cheese for a rustic feast. Whichever style you are in the mood for, you won’t be disappointed with these two wines."

Give them a try and let us know what you think via twitter, facebook and instagram.



Sarah Groves