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Matt Pitt's Guide to Steak

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

Matt Pitt from The Wherry, GeldestonMatt Pitt, Chef and landlord at The Wherry Inn, Geldeston, is passionate about meat. He serves a range of pub classics, but understanding and explaining different cuts of meat to anyone who cares to listen is his favourite subject. His Grandfather was a butcher in London, so he's convinced that his love of meat must be in his blood. Interestingly, Matt has recently been experimenting with a range of vegetarian options on the menu, but it's meat that he really enjoys cooking.

Matt's short guide to selecting your favourite choice of steak

1. Select your steak

Fillet - The fillet is considered to be the most tender due to the fact that the muscle is non weight-bearing. it is also the leanest of cuts, sometimes considered to lack in flavour, but is prized for its melt-in-the-mouth sensation. Sirloin - otherwise known as New York Strip. This cut is more flavoursome than the fillet and contains fine strands of marbling, ensuring heartiness and tenderness. It should have a thin layer of fat along one edge ensuring increased flavour. Rib-eye - Classed as one of the juiciest and popular on the market today, the additional marbling and central fat eye melts through the steak whilst cooking, increasing its flavour. Hanger Steak - otherwise known as Bistro Onglet. One for steak connoisseurs. The steak has its own character, and whilst not having a different texture to other steaks, the taste more than makes up for this. The grain of the meat is course, but loose, and in French Bistros it is classed as a superior cut. It is served rare to medium.

2. How do you like your steak cooked?

Bare in mind that the longer a steak is cooked, the less tender it becomes. Rare - a cool, blue to red centre with obvious red juices Rare to medium - warm, red to pink centre with juices Medium - a warm, pink centre with juices running less red Medium to well done - mostly brown with a greyish centre, very little pink Well done - brown throughout with no pink

3. Leave as is, or garnish with a butter or sauce

The Wherry offers a selection of two flavoured butters to melt over steaks - a piquant 'Café de Paris' butter or a Blue Stilton butter, both add extra moisture and flavour to the meat, but nothing too strong to overwhelm the natural flavours of the meat. Do drop in to The Wherry and speak with Matt and his wife, Trina, about their menu and see what specials they have on offer for lunch or dinner. The Wherry Inn is situated just a few yards from Rowan Craft Marina on the Norfolk Broads where holiday makers and day trippers can hire boats and canoes in the summer months. You can view a selection of images of The Wherry on Flickr, as well as on The Wherry Inn's website.  


Sarah Groves