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Meet the 2012 Adnams 10k Team

By sarahhowe, also posted in News on

The 4th Adnams 10k takes place on Sunday 18th November 2012 and a dozen members of our staff will be taking up the challenge and representing Adnams by running in the event. And they will be easy to 'spot' on the day as they will be wearing dark blue t-shirts with a big pink Adnams bottle cap on the front. So whether you're taking part in the race or cheering the runners on, don't forget to give our runners a wave and some encouragement as they go past! Now it's time to meet some of the 2012 Adnams Team members and find out a little more about them. Name: Liz Cobbold Job Title: Head of Marketing First race.: Race for Life 5k Battersea Park 2000 Why are you running the Adnams 10k?: Get fit again after having my first baby Target Time: 54 mins Running mantra: " Get the miles in the bank". It's off my training programme which has really helped me.   Name: Sarah Groves Job Title: Online Content Manager First race: Adnams 10K 2010 Why are you running the Adnams 10k?: Because there may come a time when I can't run and I think of all the people who'd love to be able to run but cannot because of illness or through suffering an injury. I don't really run - that might be stretching the meaning a little - it's more like a vigorous shuffling. Target Time: With a fair wind, around an hour. Running mantra: Many chocolates makes run harder. Run harder and can eat many chocolates.   Name: Belinda Jennings Job Title:  Brewer First race: 10km Bungay Black Dog, 6 years ago. Why are you running the Adnams 10k?: Fun, keep fit, training for half marathon next week, and London Marathon next year. Also to burn off 2 pints of broadside for afterwards! Target Time: Would like to run under 50 minutes, which I haven’t managed to do yet. Hoping the wind is going to be in my favour! Running mantra:  That’s easy…. Beer at the end!! Seriously, I get a huge buzz out of running and feeling fit, and all the training/races through out the year and working towards the big one in April, The London Marathon.   Name: Cheryl Burgess Job Title: PA to Andy Wood & Stephen Pugh First race: 2011 Why are you running the Adnams 10k?:  Last year it was to raise money for the nurses who looked after my dad whilst he underwent a bone marrow transplant in late 2010. In total I raised just under £400.  This year it is mainly to prove to myself that I can still do it, although I did promise myself I would keep the running up throughout the year but as the weeks passed by I found myself looking at a 6 week panic training plan! Target Time: under 60mins Running mantra: cakes, cakes, cakes…..think of the cakes I can have when I finish!   Name: Rachael Mewse Job Title: Supply Chain Planner First race: Adnams 10k 2012! Why are you running the Adnams 10k?: I have an addiction to Percy Pigs! Target Time: Just completing it before the road opens again Running mantra: Chloe Jones (My running partner) – Don’t let me stop!   Name: Sarah Strachan Job Title: Telephone Account Manager First race: Sports Relief Mile - 5K in March 2012 Why are you running the Adnams 10k?: I started running earlier this year to improve my fitness so made the 10K my target to keep me motivated! Target Time: 1hr Running mantra: I've come this far...   Name: Dan Probert Job Title: Manager, Cellar & Kitchen Store in Holt First race: Last year (2011) Why are you running the Adnams 10k?: To annoy Neil Griffin my area manager, he was signed up to do it last year, but didn’t run for some reason… Target Time: 50 minutes Running mantra: Singing the songs I usually listen to on my iPod to myself. Usually Punk Rock.   Name: Simon Kent Job Title: Brand Manager for Adnams Copper House Spirits First race: Too long ago to remember! Why are you running the Adnams 10k: Because my boss made me! Target Time: 45mins Running mantra: ''It's all about the roast dinner in The Crown after I stumble over the finish line''   [caption id="attachment_12203" align="alignright" width="120"]Photo courtesy of Jason Bye Photo courtesy of Jason Bye[/caption] Name: Max Bond Job Title: Sales Director First race: 2011 Why are you running the Adnams 10k?: It sounded like a good idea in May. Target Time: Sub 50 minutes Running mantra: "I must beat Simon Kent".