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New BBC Radio 4 series - 'Question Time' for lovers of good food

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

The panel. Photograpy: Anna ColquhounOn Tuesday evening, The Crown Head Chef Tyler Torrance and myself journeyed to Food Safari's HQ at the stunning 17th century Brick Kiln Barn in Sibton, Suffolk, for a BBC Radio 4 recording. This was the first of a series of programmes celebrating the exciting and creative world of food. As yet, the programme has not got a name, but imagine a foodie version of Gardeners' Question Time and you'll get a good idea of the format. Together with a congregation of food lovers from around Suffolk, we were treated to some fascinating discussions and insights from a brilliantly chosen expert panel. Chaired by ebullient food critic Jay Rayner, this week's panelists were Dr Annie Gray, Angela Malik, Rachel McCormack and Stefan Gates. The audience at Food Safari's HQ during the recording. Photography: Polly RobinsonI love good food, but I have not spent a lifetime studying it (just a lifetime scoffing it), so it was a real delight to be able to listen to such an interesting group of people discuss their passion with such a depth of knowledge. The questions from the audience were as diverse as the opinions and expertise of the panel. Food Historian Dr Annie Gray gave a solid historical context to our relationship with food and the importance of class and wealth in the past on availability and choice. Angela Malik, Chef and tutor, brought the influence of her love of spices and the use of the 'five tastes' into the discussions. Rachel McCormac offered creative insights on Catalan cooking and Stefan Gates, 'The Gastronaut', some imaginative and adventurous opinions. I'm not going to give away the contents of what will be a fascinating programme, but you can expect lively discussion, audience interaction, and food revelations, but sadly, not a conclusive cure for flatulence. You can listen to the programme on BBC Radio 4 at 3pm on Tuesday 7th February. Many thanks to Anna Colquhoun, The Culinary Anthropologist, and Polly Robinson from Food Safari for kindly providing the pictures.


Sarah Groves