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New Season's Morello Cherry Liqueur now available

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

Adnams Copper House Morello Cherry LiqueurOur Morello Cherry Liqueur is back! Adnams' Head Distiller, John McCarthy, explains what is different about this season's liqueur: "This year, I left the cherries to macerate in our Barley Vodka for almost twice as long. I wanted to extract lots of colour and flavour, whilst keeping the liqueur nicely balanced with a touch of sweetness. It's a taste of what I hope will be a fruitful summer to come." Without being overly sweet, our cherry liqueur has retained the essence of Morello cherries and is a perfect cocktail ingredient. It can also be served with coke and ice for a refreshing long drink, or neat over ice. Adnams Copper House Morello Cherry Liqueur is available online and in our stores in 35cl bottles (25% abv, £14.99).

Cocktail suggestions:

Morello Zest 35ml Adnams Copper House Barley Vodka 35ml Adnams Morello Cherry Liqueur Serve in a highball glass with cubed ice, top with traditional cloudy lemonade and garnish with a slice of fresh lemon. Sole Bay Sling 10ml Adnams Morello Cherry Liqueur 40ml Adnams First Rate Gin 5ml Benedictine 5ml Triple Sec 40ml Pineapple juice 10ml Lime juice 2 dashes of Angostura Bitters Shake the ingredients and pour over cubed ice in a Sling glass and garnish with a twist of orange, a fine slice of pineapple and a liqueur-soaked cherry. If you've already created your own Morello Cherry Liqueur cocktail recipe, we'd love you to share it with us using the comments box below.


Sarah Groves