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New - The Adnams Selection New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

By Alastair Marshall, also posted in News on

The Adnams Selection Marlborough Sauvignon BlancIt might seem to the contrary but we are very cautious about expanding The Adnams Selection range of wines. It is deliberately a hard 'club' to belong to and we stick rigidly to our basic criteria for selection, in that any wine considered must be truly representative of its type or region and, most of all, punch above its weight as regards quality and value for money. There must be some sort of ‘law’, probably the one about buses, that comes into play at this moment, as having just launched our wonderful Adnams Selection Albariño we now have a New Zealand Sauvignon to add to the range. We have thought hard for many years about adding a Kiwi Sauvignon to our Selection range but only recently did we understand what we needed. We have worked for many years with the redoubtable winemaker John Forrest, and his brilliant Sauvignon has been a best-seller for so long that it is usually one of the first things that you see when you walk into an Adnams shop. Winemaker John Forrest in MarlboroughJohn is an innovator and slowly, over the years, the style of his wine has developed into a leaner more elegant style reminiscent of top quality Sancerre but still distinctly Kiwi. Suddenly there was a place for a wine that reminded me of my mother’s Pavlova (she is a New Zealander and uses generous quantities of passion fruit in her creations) redolent in tropical fruit aromas and stone fruit flavours. Who better to turn to than John Forrest whose extensive vineyard holdings means that he has the ability to consistently select fruit suited to our needs. He has put together a wine for us that fits the bill precisely. It is a joyous glassful of unmistakeable Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Echoing a modern cliché – “It does exactly what it says on the tin.” The Adnams Selection Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2014 is available in Adnams stores and online at £9.99 (75cl bottle) from Saturday 15th November 2014.  


Alastair Marshall